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Tied with Kharkov (made in Minnesota) for worst vodka on the planet.
Reviewer: Man Boobs

This vodka has a amazingly smooth, very little heat or flavor, good for mixing. I wouldn't drink it strait, but for a general mixer, you can't beat the price. value is off the charts... just not a shooting vodka.
Reviewer: Jimmyman

Strictly a mixing vodka. Never use as a shot or Martini base. Shame on you if you do!
Reviewer: Mark

I think the 1's are kinda harsh. Sure it's kinda crappy but isn't really as foul or harsh to drink as people say. And $10 for 1.75L of passable vodka is great. If you're mixing or just trying to get drunk for cheap, this is a fine choice.
Reviewer: Anon

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