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Oriloff. There is no website. Hell, there's no mention of it ever. The bottle's in fron t of me and that's the correct spelling. At any rate, this vodka tasted very VERY diferent to some of the standards (smirnoff or kirov)..sharper more acrid taste....words like unpleasant spring to mind..it really was a heavy taste....but it was cheap...and it mixed well with DrPepper
Reviewer: Jimmy Weasel

cheapest vodka i could find available at time mixed alright with lemon drink smells abit harsh but is drinkable.
Reviewer: StonedWookie

well, i am an avid vodka drinker but the selection is quite limited where i live. i have only tasted 3 (oriloff, smirnoff and kiroff) but oriloff is definitely the best. it doesn't seem to burn as much as the others and sits in the gut well.
Reviewer: demez

hey, if you've been to Russia well then this little beauty is as close to home as any i've tried. After the first sip,mmmmm then mmm mmm mmm not bad at all and the price is pretty good. Taste better than smirnoff and 7 bucks cheaper !
Reviewer: jamez

Ive tasted this new vodka thats around, it used to be in different bottle .Its called Oriloff i've just tried it and its better than Absolute and 10 bucks cheaper .About time !!
Reviewer: karen

I tried smirnoff eristoff absolut and oriloff. The best by far was oriloff. What a great drink! Smooth . And I think it was cheaper than the other brands. Highly recommend it.
Reviewer: George

hey new vodka in the bottle shop made n Australia and its bloody good.
Reviewer: jamez

Great value easy to drink. Better than known brands especially smirnoff which i cant drink. Highly recommended.
Reviewer: STACY

I give it 5/10 for flavour and 0/10 for purity. What you save in dollars on Oriloff you pay for in hangover.
Reviewer: Dave

There's nothing wrong with this vodka, it is drinkable and cheap, basically the cheapest vodka in Australia. Sure I'd rather be drinking my favourite Polish Basically this is something the skint uni student or cheap drunk would buy...myself being the later. Mix it and you wont be able to tell the difference between Oriloff and Smirnoff trust me.
Reviewer: Rodney

When it comes to shots, Oriloff tastes slightly more unpleasant than Smirnoff and a tad more unpleasant than Absolut but it is still bearable. However, when mixed, it can make a surprisingly decent drink. The price is the cheapest I have seen so far (in Australia) so in my opinion, it's good bang for the buck. Mix it with orange & mango soda.
Reviewer: DI

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