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Orange V Vodka

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Wow, this vodka is Orange. I bought it because I was intrigued by the fact that it is 100% Organic. I was blwon away by the amoount of flavor. It also has a natural taste unlike some of the other flavored vodkas. This one is good right out of the bottle, just chill it.
Reviewer: Rob

This stuff is awesome. I used to drink Stoli O, but found this while on vacation in New York. Great orange flavor, way better than Stoli, Absolut or even Grey Goose Orange. Smooth.
Reviewer: Steve

Holy orange! They guy at the store where I bought this said it was an intense orange - he was right. Just sip it on the rocks, you can drink it all night long.
Reviewer: Chuck

In your face Orange - great with club soda. Tastes real!
Reviewer: Darren

whoa, this is orange - a damn good orange at that
Reviewer: earl

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