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It is a shame to see how low this fine vodka seems to rank. If we agree that vodka should be smooth and basically flavorless, why does this clean product go unnoticed? ...
Reviewer: Jakob

I rate a 5 for Luksosowa based on value. In Washington State, Luksosowa is consistantly $5-$7 cheaper than the other brands ($15 cheaper than Chopin). Its lack of international marketing and the money spent to do so keeps its price down and I'm sure its lack of appearance on many best of lists. While considerable cheaper, the taste is quite high. I seriously cannot taste $15 difference between Chopin and Luksosowa. Luksosowa is better and cheaper than most of the others out there. A great value in addition to a great taste.
Reviewer: David Brown

I only recently turned 21 and went out and bought 4 vodkas, Stolichnaya, Absolut, Chopin and Luksusowa. It was a blessing to find this awesome website and shocked to learn that my favorite vodka ranked so low. Luksusowa is only $17 and the aroma is more pleasing than the industrial grade ethanol, Stolichnaya. Absolut doesn't even match up to the taste of Luksusowa for it is bitter from tip to root of my tongue. Regarding Chopin, I have yet to finish the other three before I open the most expensive of the bunch....
Reviewer: Jon King

It seems unanimous - this vodka not only tastes better than most, it is reasonably priced. It is our #1 choice - Bar None! (Unfortunately it is not served in bars here in Tallahassee, Florida.) Luksosowa mixes well with everything and tastes great alone. We are fans for life!
Reviewer: Helen Pinkerton

very smooth and flavorless- skip the stoli and save your money- this is the best vodka for the buck.
Reviewer: Ian

After years of drinking either Stoli or Finlandia, I came across Luksosowa. I was amazed at the difference between Potato Vodka and Grain Vodka. The Vodka reminded me of the time a friend brought some Vodka back from russia, it was in little beer like bottles with foil lids. That was some good Vodka.
Reviewer: Nate

My husband and I are serious vodkaphiles (the only mixers considered in our house are ice cubes and a twist!). We've tried every vodka available through the fine NH Liquor Commission and always return to Luksosowa. It is certainly our vodka of choice!
Reviewer: Stacy

Smooth and Creamy; a definite stock for thehome
Reviewer: jeff feyes

I've been drinking vodkas on the rocks for around 10 years now. Luksosowa's taste and smoothness beats all other brands hands down. Potato vs grain....no contest!
Reviewer: Kingfish

Absolutely without a doubt the finest Vodka. I can get hints of stone and mountain air. It simply defines smooth and is like liquid velvet going down. To all of those who want to try it it will win you forever on the first sip. I advise you not to sink $18-$20 bucks for bottled pretense which is how I personally see Absolut, Grey Goose and the others.
Reviewer: Brian L. Hudson

5, easily! I was always partial to Wyborowa, but the price kept going up on it, where the price of Luksosowa has stayed about the same and it's every bit as good. The only thing I like better is Koskenkorva (anyone else here partial to it?), but I only get that when my friend's wife goes to Finland and nabs a bottle (haven't been able to find it in NJ-US). Also, I think it's a good bit more expensive. Glad to find this sight and know I'm in good company! Cheers...
Reviewer: Gary C.

I've been a vodka drinker for at least 10 years. Of the high priced imports: Grey Goose, Stoli, Ketel One, Absolute etc., I've found that LUKSOSOWA beats them all by far for taste, fragrance, and smoothness. And distilled from potatoes! Excellent! Too bad they don't have better marketing in the US. I've turned many vodkaphiles and liquor store owners on to Luksosowa.
Reviewer: Larry B

A very nice smooth Vodka. Better then the higher priced ones. Made in Poland.
Reviewer: Chris Browne

This is the first potato vodka I've tried and its smoothness is truly impressive! I've sipped then splashed back a very cold, creamy shot & to my delight, I am about to try this again. Never have I experienced a neat shot of vodka that didn't bowl me over with nasty grain aftertaste and fire breathe of a dragon. LUKSOSOWA is the best I've ever tasted -- and I'm going back for more...
Reviewer: Sean

For the money and taste, this is my favorite. I enjoy it straight up or with a little triple sec. Very smooth and pleasing.
Reviewer: Rob

I was a rum drinker & started getting headaches so I switched to vodka. The first one I tried was Luksosowa (mini-bottle) and have never looked back. I work in a liquor store and tried the mini-Absolut Vanilia (yuk), Stoli (no thanks)and am on my way to my store to buy more Luksosowa for the weekend (we are closed Sundays). I have also gotten some of my customers to switch to Luksosowa. They LOVE me for it!
Reviewer: Betsy Henderson

Luksusowa is the real deal. If you are interested in a flashy bottle, or a cool name...an image...a pretense...look elsewhere. If you're interested in the CONTENTS of the bottle, look no further. This is one of the best, if not THE best Vodka around. Smooth, wonderful taste, no hangovers.
Reviewer: Akurat

Just tried it for the first time last night, consumed freezer chilled, sipped straight. The taste is unlike grain vodkas I have had, smooth and creamy, something else I can't identify yet. Finishes slightly "hotter" than Grey Goose, but the flavor is much nicer. I haven't tried it mixed yet, quite enjoying it straight!
Reviewer: bill c

My Polish girlfriend saw Luksosowa Vodka at our local liquor store and pointed out the translation means Luxury Vodka. I bought it and think Luxury is an accurate description, very smooth. It's now my drink of choice.
Reviewer: Rod

You cannot buy a better vodka at any price.
Reviewer: Prentice Leonard

5 stars for sure - this stuff DOESN'T SUCK. Potato vodka is in a class by itself, especially Luksosowa, and it amazes me the entire vodka drinking population isn't aware of it's advantages: no hangover, smooth taste, gentle price... I'll never go back to grain. By the way, Monopolowa is VERY good too, and a few dollars cheaper than Luks. But it's not on the list. Anyone know why?
Reviewer: Jennifer

I love Vodka. Over the years I have tried many different kinds of Vodka(most of them from Russia). My favorite vodka is without a doubt "Red Army Vodka". This is the vodka of all vodkas. It's taste is defined by magic because I have no idea how they made it that good. My second favorite is "Russian Standard". I think Luksosowa is very underrated. For the price that is the best you can get and remember that Grey Goose, Absolut etc. are vodkas that will only drain your wallet. Don't judge the book by its cover.
Reviewer: Konstantin

Exceptionally clean & smooth. "Triple-distilled" potato vodka in this case means very rare purity. A terrific buy at $11/750 ml!
Reviewer: John Goldstone

Potato vodka RULES! Luksusowa is a bargain compared with Chopin and just as rich. Chopin is GREAT, Luksusowa is GREATER! I know my vodka and you can taste the complexity in this polish dream. Drink it neat, no mixers here!
Reviewer: Ray Abraham

Good and inexpensive
Reviewer: Jim

I stumbled upon this treasure a few years back. I do say, it is so light, that I end up drinking more than I had thought. It is delightful straigh and deadly mixed. It is always less expensive and I can't quite place it, but there is something to the taste. If you drink because you like the taste of good liquor, if like smokey whiskies and complex grappa, this will be your favorite vodka.
Reviewer: Rebecca

My favorite, all 'round vodka. Try it in a classic gimlet - sublime. The price is right, but it would still be my house vodka at twice the price!
Reviewer: Robert Shaklovitz

Simply amazingly smooth Vodka. The aroma is terrific, and the taste is smooth with a very light hint of Vanilla. I don't know why this Vodka is so inexpensive, but I'm not complaining. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. No hangovers, either.
Reviewer: Eric K.

This is an inexpensive Potato vodka, which is highly underated. It has a smooth Potato Vodka taste and is Triple distilled from Poland. I can't stress the pricing enough. It is very reasonably priced for a vodka of its smoothness.
Reviewer: Manzel Moore Jr.

Made from potato, but very refined. A warm and fuzzy after taste- goes down real nice, with little burn. Makes a great Martini- also for the money, an incredible buy.
Reviewer: Peter

I was introduced to this vodka by a net friend and man, I adore it! For the money, it is a lovely rounded vodka with a smooth aftertaste and a clean feeling on the back of your tongue. I HIGHLY recommend this to everyone that enjoys good vodka.
Reviewer: Emily St. London

I have read the reviews on this Vodka and agree. I received a bottle by mistake as a gift and was glad the mistake was made. Polish potato vodka is the best and Luksosowa is number one for taste and value.
Reviewer: Joe Macek

I cannot believe you can get a vodka this good at such a low price. This is the vodka that people who know their vodka will purchase. Let the pretenders buy Grey Goose or Belvedere.
Reviewer: heather

Excellent vodka--I was always a Ketel One drinker, until we put a bar in our basement and had to stock the bar. I bought K1, Shakers (local--we're in MN), but really wanted a potato vodka--the store had Luksosowa at a reasonable price, so I bought it. What a great product--it's so smooth and flavorful, it's quickly become my favorite. I have to admit, I feel a bit guilty when I go to the bar and pour a Luksosowa instead of the K1...but it is really good! Highly recommended.
Reviewer: Rick

Great Vodka! I was going to swing for a bottle of Chopin or Belvedere but I didn't have adequate funding. I'm glad I didn't. It has a definate "luxorious" taste, as the name would imply. My polish girlfriend raved about it (she's got a bit of Polish Pride when it comes to Vodka). I only gave it a 4 because i'm rather a dilletante when it comes to vodka but it is my liquor of choice and I'm still going to shop around but something tells me i'll be coming back to Luksusowa!
Reviewer: Tony

Luksosowa was recommended to me by two Polish gentlemen from my place of employment. Wonderful all the way around; very pleasant, slightly sweet, with no medicinal aftertaste. Definitely one to go for, especially at it's very affordable price.
Reviewer: Tom Jessup

Are you guys kidding me. How does this Vodka score such a high score. Someone has to explain this to me. I mean maybe your saying its the best out of the worst cheap vodka, but if your saying that its just flat out good its not. It tastes cheap and unfiltered thats probably cause its only like $11 a bottle. It goes down hard and is not tasteless like it should be. Stay Away!
Reviewer: Tim

I don't have much experience with vodka, but this is an exceptional brand, regardless of the deceptive pricing. Luks is very smooth with a vanilla aftertaste; it warms your belly with no burn. I think I prefer the flavor of Grey Goose a little more, but this potato vodka gave me fewer problems with indigestion. I purchased my 750 mL bottle for $9.99 in California...a full two dollars cheaper than smirnoff! Needless to say, smirnoff can't even begin to contend with this stuff (smirnoff = blech!). Ignore the price; this is a top-notch vodka that can compete with the big boys!
Reviewer: Matt L.

Has some light lemon or lime aromas on the nose. Full flavored potato vodka taste, although a little harsh compared to brands like Blue Ice and Chopin. A good vodka for the money, although I personally would pay the $5 extra for a good American potato vodka like Blue Ice or Glacier - just for the added smoothness.
Reviewer: Charmin Hassenfeffer

Value: $18 for 1.75L compared to $30 for 750ml of other premiums. Viscosity: thick and nice, especially from freezer. Slightly too warm on the way down and a tad medicine taste but neither is a complaint. Mixes especially well with fruit juice..one shot to one shot. veryfine!!
Reviewer: Billy Idol

Great Vodka. Almost as good as Chopin. However there are almost 40 reviews under the wrong Spelling...it's Luksusowa
Reviewer: Ralph

I love this vodka. Its potato base gives it an incredibly smooth taste. The first time I tasted it, I thought it was water, until I felt the alcohol kick in later. Top notch and oddly cheap when found in abundance. Hard to find in Los Angeles, and when you do it's like over $20/bottle. In Chicago, you can easily find it for $12.99/bottle. Anywho, I definitely recommend this vodka. A shot of it with some fresh ground pepper is quite excellent.
Reviewer: Melodie

I'm sure thier are better vodkas in the world. But if you live in eastern PA, the Best you can get is Luksosawa. It's the only one that is made with potatoes. Nothing else needs to be said. It's the best a man (in eastern PA) can get. If you know a better one, let me know!
Reviewer: Gregg

I've had many a fine vodkas. But, after you weed out the really poor examples, a good vodka can be a ZYR, Titos, etc., etc; it really is a matter of taste or variety. After much tasting, I went back and tried some Luksusowa, and it really strikes me as exceptional. As mentioned, it is smooth, creamy, and has a certain mellowness. Irrespective of its relatively low price, it's a gem of a vodka and rates a 5. Try it with an open mind, and you may, like I, have found the perfect spirit for everyday or special occasions.
Reviewer: Rob

This is an outstanding vodka for the price.
Reviewer: Iohannes

Tastes like lighter fluid. Enough said.
Reviewer: Julian

This is an excellent potato vodka! While I usually drink wheat vodkas with an occasional potato (Chopin), it was in the past that I drank the potato vodkas and was generally just OK with the taste and unfortunately, the lack of smoothness and the apparent 'bite' to them. Luksusowa came highly recommended by the forum and guess what...the forum is right on! Luksusowa is a 'reasonably' priced alternative to Chopin that delivers excellent taste and a smoothness that is almost the equal to Chopin, at almost half the price.
Reviewer: Climb14er

Very drinkable. Slight steely taste
Reviewer: Kent

Recently discovered this vodka, and it is absolutely the best bang for your buck out there. For me this is up there with Reyka and Ketel for taste but at a fraction of the cost. Drinking Luksusowa makes you feel like you're getting away with something.
Reviewer: will

i had shot of this vodka at local watering hole last night.for a spud vodka this vodka is keeper.going to spirt store to buy two bottles of this vodka.
Reviewer: Leslie

Best bang for the buck I have found. Better than Stoli, WAY better than Absolut...and ten bucks cheaper for a 750 than those two. And simply blows away everything I have had at its price point. There is better vodka, to be sure, and how well you like it depends on individual taste (my friend had some and said it tasted like Smirnoff...he liked the Svedka much better). But for me, this will be my go-to vodka unless I'm in the mood to splurge.
Reviewer: Matt

OMG, i bought this today and i am so impressed by not only the AWESOME taste, but how smooth it is. I must admit i am hooked after the first shot. WOOT! FTW(for the win).
Reviewer: Shane

You will probably laugh when I say this ultra-inexpensive Vodka is my absoulte (no pun intended) favorite. Period.
Reviewer: Gray

Definitly my favorite vodka. Smooth and crisp. I just drink it with a splash of water, Never a hangover.
Reviewer: ZZZZRich k.

Clear, clean, crisp & delicious. Luksosawa is the way vodka should be.
Reviewer: Sly Cooker

good vodka for the money, not overpriced so it got four stars, some burn to it but not bad, wyborowa is better, luksusowa is even a bit more than banff ice but not nearly as good. the thing about this vodka that noticed is it makes me very tierd the day after, not a hangover but way harder to get out of bed and get going
Reviewer: jeremy s

Excellent Vodka for the price. There is an indescribable smoothness to the taste. I enjoy it neat at room temperature. This allows the evaporation of the product to enhance the taste as it is sipped. Vodka taste is more than what meets the tongue; it is an experience in all the senses.
Reviewer: Rick Dusenbury

A pretty clean vodka. Not expensive at all--usually 12-14 bucks for liter. Make a Wsciekly pies with it. Pour an ice-cold shot, drip in a small spoonful of raspberry syrup, and add as many dashes of Tabasco as you can handle. Na zdrowie
Reviewer: David McVey

Best under $20 vodka that I've had. Smoother than Grey Goose. Nice initial bite that you might expect from a potato vodka and then it finishes without much aftertaste.
Reviewer: Tom G

I'm 50 years old and a lifelong Vodka drinker. Hands down, Luks is the best.
Reviewer: Precipii

Great and inexpensive potato vodka from Poland. Great with tonic or cranberry juice.
Reviewer: Jeff

Without a doubt one of the finest vodka's that I have sipped in quite some time. Chilled for 30 minutes in the freezer and then poured out into a glass. Little to no aroma to speak of with only a mild tinge of alcohol. Goes down smooth, almost like a glass of water, and finishes with a mild warming of the throat. Defiantly a good starting point for someone just getting into vodka, especially for the price here in Canada.
Reviewer: Anorath_DHara

WOW. I get this quality Vodka at this price? This makes the meanest Martini I've ever tasted. Overhyped brands that cost twice as much don't touch Luksusowa.
Reviewer: Terry

Discovered this one the other week when in Poland for work. We had a company BBQ, and they plunked an ice-cold bottle of Luksusowa down on each table. I've always been partial to Polish vodkas anyhow, but was very impressed by the clean, smooth taste. Many litres of it and Zubrowka made it into my carryon when I flew back to NL.
Reviewer: MMP

a smooth, clean vodka with a nice bite off the bat to give it some character, finihes smooth as polish'ed glass. hehe 5 stars for price and taste, you won't find a better vodka any cheaper than this.
Reviewer: EsocLucius

very smooth with a nice texture and flavor. no hidden aftertastes and it doesn't burn. excellent on its own, no need to mix this one! for the price it's a bargain too, i hope it stays quietly good, those informed about what vodka should be know about it and that's really all that matters.
Reviewer: zander

Amazing vodka. I'll take a bottle of this over a bottle of Grey Goose or Belvedere any day. Top shelf quality at hobo prices.
Reviewer: John Galt

Since being diagnosed with Celiac disease, I've moved from beer to distilled spirits with Vodka being my spirit of choice. Today I tried Luksusowa for the first time. Holy Mackerel! This is a VERY smooth tasting vodka. It rivals vodkas 3X the price! No more Absolut, Stoli or Smirnoff for me. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed, especially on price!
Reviewer: Mark O

Excellent Vodka!!! Suoer smooth, Tastes Great and Awesome Value!
Reviewer: Dave

Bar None...the best value.
Reviewer: Mark

Warm zest nose, hints of liquorice, toasted starch and orange peel with a touch of pear, medium dazzling finish that lingers on the back of the palate. Certainly, as a contender with the more expensive potatoe-based vodkas, this one stands up quite admirably. A full body vodka to go with your borscht !
Reviewer: Christropher Home Cutler

Outstanding flavor! A standout at any price! Luksusowa is at the top of my list. And it is very reasonably priced.
Reviewer: Eugene Saunders

This one is very hard to find in my area. I grabbed the last bottle off the shelf from a local liquor store. It is very clean and neutral, but not as smooth as the other potato vodka I've had, Chopin, and it burns more, though not terribly. The aftertaste is very slightly bitter, but not unpleasant. I've noticed that potato vodkas tend to have more of an aftertaste that lingers, though it's not necessarily bad. If you like potato vodkas, Luksusowa is a great value at about half the price of Chopin. You could use it as your regular stocked value vodka and save the Chopin for special occasions.
Reviewer: Jason

I've just read all of opinions here, and i'm so DAMN PROUD to see, that all of you love Luksusowa vodka (wódka) as we do here, in Poland! I wish I could drink it up with all of you! :) Cheers from Poland!
Reviewer: blau

Blau....1 means crappy...5 means great! Luks is a five!!!!!!!!!!
Reviewer: Ray

Excellent vodka smooth taste, with warm body the best for the price by far. way better then stoli, belv, or grey goose.
Reviewer: joel bellemare

I am writing this review as I enjoy this amazing Vodka. While I am a relatively young drinker and my palate has yet to be fully refined, experience is not nescessary to know this is perhaps one of the best vodkas out there. Exceptionally smooth, the potato vodka does what no corn or rye vodka can do. A taste so superb it could never offend anyone! Highly recommended, you will not be disappointed!
Reviewer: Clinton Hommel

My girlfriend and I decided to try a flight of potato vodkas at Red Square in the Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. Of all the big name brands Luksusowa impressed us the most by far however when we tried to buy a bottle once we got back home we found it almost impossible to find. When we finally did locate a store that carried it we were dismayed to find that we were purchasing the last two bottles and that they would no longer carry the brand as it wasn't popular enough to keep stocked. A vodka this fine needs to be recognized.
Reviewer: David

It's a bit harsh and a bit bitter and I might be unhappy if I paid $30 for it. Good thing I can buy this for $14/750ml! It KILLS all other vodkas in this price range. You want a mixer that isn't foul? Or something you can pound shots of without breaking the bank? Buy some Luk. It'll do what you want it to do for far less money than Stoli or Absolut (and it's at least as good as Stoli).
Reviewer: Tom

This has been my favorite vodka since I first found a bottle in Seattle in 1984. I can't get it in my home state but I buy a couple bottles everytime I travel to a state tha sells it. Flavorfull and smooth it makes a perfect martini.
Reviewer: Wrecks

Even though theirs plenty of 5star reviews on this, I can't help but file one. Had this a number of times with my girlfriend and friends. Great taste plain compared to other brands which just offer burn and no "other" flavor. Its also great for mixes of any type. My favorite is 100ML Luksusowa Vodka, 400ML cranberry or cherry juice and 100 ML of acidic based drink (Lemons, limes, oranges...)
Reviewer: Kevin

Luksusowa is an outstanding vodka. It goes down smooth with little to no burn everytime. All my friend usally need chasers after taking shots of other vodkas, but they dont after I made them try Luksusowa.
Reviewer: Steve

This is tremendous potato vodka ! Luxurious to be sure, at least here in Canada . Our Ontario government operated liquor retailer doesn't permit me to rave about the price ($25 can.)as much as my southern neighbours , but here in the great white north it still ranks very well in the quality/value dichotomy .
Reviewer: Sean Smith

Very clear, clean tasting, excellent straight or as a mixer. I must have looked at twenty different brands of vodka before settling on this one. Most vodka is grain based & didn't think a potato based vodka would be so good. Glad I discovered this.
Reviewer: george

This is a great potato vodka. I like potato vodkas better, as I feel the have more depth. Are "thicker". And the price point is fantastic!
Reviewer: Nick

My Favourite Vodka for the price right now (followed by Sobieski and Russian Standard). Smooth and delicious.
Reviewer: Chris

In my top three. A little bit of a headache but bearable compared to others.
Reviewer: al

Bought my first bottle today. I wanted to try something different (potato vodka) and the price was right. It's absolutely fantastic! I've been drinking Stoli, but I have a new vodka now.
Reviewer: Don in Dayton

I bought this because grain vodka is not permitted on Passover. What a surprise ! It's much better than most vodkas at higher prices. This is my new everyday vodka
Reviewer: p. junke

I'm hooked on it and still can't pronounce it!!
Reviewer: Reed

Luksusoswa is my best friend!
Reviewer: Trae

I was turned on to this about a month ago after years of being a big Kettle One fan. Now, at 1/2 the price, I have switched. Smooth.
Reviewer: Mike P.

I too was a big 'stoli' fan, but I also tried grey goose (way overrated), belvedere (again, overrated and overpriced) as well as Kettle 1 and countless others. After speaking with a friend who'd spent time living in eastern europe, he informed me that potato vodka was highly regarded as the best type. I stopped by the liquor store one afternoon and asked if they had any, whereby the clerk pointed me in the direction of Luksosowa. I've never gone back to the big boys. The taste and effect are exactly what I'm looking for in a high quality vodka. I get a double sized bottle of this brilliant vodka and still pay less than a 750 ml of Stoli's, goose, or belvedere! For me, it's a no brainer. I've turned a lot of my friends on to this brand, and nobody's looked back. Simple packaging, yes, but it's all about what's inside that counts!
Reviewer: Lazarus

Nice potato vodka taste. Thick and not too bad, good for the money.
Reviewer: Joe

Caution! This is so smooth it will catch you off guard if your not careful. Our first bottle was a gift from Polish friends and now we are spoiled.
Reviewer: Keith

Worth ever dime.
Reviewer: Dan

I had to find a vodka that wasn't made from a grain. I have to be gluten free. The liquor store I went go showed me and I decided to give it a try. It is the smoothest vodka I have ever tasted. Thankyou
Reviewer: Patricia Determan

Help! I am wisiting Tacoma for a couple of veeks and cannot find Wyborowa my preferred drink. I am villing to try out Luksusowa, can anyone tell me where I may source either of these in the Tacoma area?
Reviewer: David

With the passing of the holidays I was fortunate enough to try yet another vodka. So as Seinfeld played in the background I removed the bottle from the freezer and poured 3/4 the way up my shot glass. Actually before I poured I stuck my nose to the bottle and took a big wiff. Right there I knew something was wrong. This stuff smelled like rubbing alcohol a little. At first it goes down smooth, but then mid way and at the end it's some what harsh. Lastly, the taste is nothing to right home about. For $11 it's worth it but I wont be buying this stuff again.
Reviewer: jmr

On it's own a very tasty vodka. For the price? Excellent. Very smooth and savory when cold, but has a bit of a bite when it warms up. 19.99 (American) for 1.75L at my local shop and for the price I can't think of any better. Tito's is smoother, but a bit pricier around here.
Reviewer: Clif

Very nice potato vodka. Along with Sobieski rye these offer satisfaction for everyday people who flash neither excess cash or pretension.
Reviewer: hp

I have tried many vodkas,Chopin was my favorite, but the price was a bit out there. after trying Luksusowa I was hooked. the taste is very close to Chopin. highly recommended. fare price + great taste = life long buyer

I don't think some people understood the rating system. They gave it onevstarvand raved about it . Vodka is my drink of choice and this one is one of the few I would drink straight, kind of scares me. Great value.
Reviewer: Ron

Pretty decent. A little medicinal with some sharp tones in the mouth and throat. Prob not my choice to drink straight...but completely fine for mixed drinks. The price can't be beat so some of my points went to that...since we can't all afford the high end stuff!
Reviewer: Latimer

This stuff is an amazing value and holds it's own against more expensive brands! I am in love and the price point means I can give out this fine product like candy at Halloween.
Reviewer: Cinnabomber

40+ year vodka drinker... tried almost all.... Luksusowa is my choice over the last 15yrs hands down!
Reviewer: jeff

First.. na zdrowie.. Sto lat.. My Dad from Poland turned me on to Luksa ack in 70,s.. Now having all the best.. Tops!
Reviewer: Matt Supinski

Nose is soft and astringent at the same time with a wisp of smoke. Creamy mouthfeel, sweet sensation with abundant citrus. Rounded medium finish. Great for after dinner. Wins the Pepsi challenge handily against others in this price range.
Reviewer: Magyar Svensk

Members of the Clandestine Services are especially enamored with Potato Vodkas. Strange that I should find Luksusova so satisfying and smooth with few residual effects.
Reviewer: Tomasz Driscollovich

I saw this on the shelf marked down to $13 from like $24. I guess nobody was buying it. I'd never heard of it so whipped out my smartphone and found this very page full of 4 and 5 star reviews. I bought the bottle and have been buying them ever since. This vodka has a creamy smoothness unlike anything else in its price class. I love this stuff, it has replaced all my other Vodkas. There are finer ones but they're a LOT more expensive.
Reviewer: Greg

I will confess that I am not a sophisticated vodka drinker, but like pornography I know it when I see it, and Luksisowa is the ONLY vodka I buy for my home. I drink it clean, neat, straight from the freezer. Perfect fragrance and taste.
Reviewer: Lou

Best vodka I've had to date
Reviewer: Luke

Delicious potato vodka. Beats many others hands down.
Reviewer: Chuck Gesing

Best.vodka.ever. period!
Reviewer: vodka

I feel so validated by the amazing positive reviews of this fine vodka. I have been drawn to the most expensive looking for fine quality. After a little harder look bacuase I got tired of dishing too much for average, I went for reviews of vodka. I discovered the most advertised vodkas score around 89-92 (some even lower) and Luksusowa scored 95 at my local store in Miami, FL USA for a tag of $22. for a 1.75 L. It was a compelling case, and oh my I will never regret it. The best vodka for the price hands down. Worth to mention that on top of its superior taste, when drank in moderation in relation to my proportions (6' 0" , 210 Lb), I suffer no hangover whatsoever. I'd make this as a gift to the most refined tasters, my boss, my family.... anyone. Enjoy it.
Reviewer: Rafael Cruz

I almost want to keep this vodka a secret, because I don't want the yuppies jumping on the bandwagon, and having the price suddenly jump. A-1 top shelf vodka !
Reviewer: Bruce Thailing

Boring, very bland I like Vodka with character this has none
Reviewer: Jon

I was introduced to this vodka about 12 years ago, and believe its closest peer is Chopin, which, as your readers know, is about twice the price. Tastes good, moderately priced, little hangover (on rocks or with water), and better for allergies, as no grain alcohol.
Reviewer: William Kaufman

I think this Vodka is great. It is the best I have ever had but I have not had some hyper premium vodkas and am leaving the 5* for the holy grail when I find it. Seriously, this Vodka is fantastic and only other I find similar but for more money is chopin. I still need to try Tito's but it is corn based so I don't know how it will compare.
Reviewer: Droel

Great value, great taste. I do not care for tasteless vodkas like Grey Goose -- I want to feel something in my mouth and throat. Luksosawa threads the needle between "hearty" taste and "harsh" taste and does so at a decent price. It is my home vodka, though I do drink Stoli when out.
Reviewer: Craig C

SMOOTH, CHEAP, NO HANGOVER. All my friends love it.
Reviewer: Jason Le

Not a real fan of vodka or any hard liquor. Wanted to try a potato vodka like Chopin. I couldn't find any. I spotted a Luksusowa gift set for $12 on my way out the door. No real indication that it was potato based other than it said "gluten free". Snuck a bottle into the house, mixed 3 shots into 8 ounces of tonic water. I couldn't taste ANY alcohol. So, to make sure I hadn't been shafted, I had to sneak a swig straight from the bottle on the way to the freezer. Warm, it's like cotton candy; it just evaporates in your mouth. Sipping it from the freezer even slightly better. Slamming a shot from the freezer gave me a shudder like any other vodka. Any way you drink it straight, it leaves a VERY pleasant, long-lingering aftertaste: something I've NEVER said about any hard stuff. It's a faint sweetness that has an essence of raw potatoes, but in a good way. It leaves you wondering what that taste is like elementary school cafeteria déjà vu.
Reviewer: Scott Pell

Great value. Very smooth - like water going down with a subtle vanilla aftertaste. Give this one a try!
Reviewer: EWS

I was surprised to find this vodka in my regular store. This Vodka was somewhat smooth, did not numb my throat or warm my body. It is what it is. A good Vodka. Somewhere in the vicinity of Grey Goose. Just a bit smoother...
Reviewer: Dlam01

I love potato vodka and came across Luksusowa when it was being demo'd at a local wine and spirits store. I was hooked from the first sip. The vodka is clean with the sweet finish you only get with potato vodka. For a vodka that cost less than 1/3 the price of a bottle of Chopin, it is a steal. I get top shelf flavor at bottom shelf price.
Reviewer: Carol

The best vodka money can buy. I've been drinking it for since the mid 90's and converted a many vodka drinkers to this fine spirit!
Reviewer: John P

I'm not a Vodka connoisseur by any means, but I do enjoy it occasionally neat or over ice. Luksusowa is definitely my go to brand (might be the potato vs grain). I've sampled some "fancy" vodkas costing two or three times as much and to my taste, the more expensive the more they remind me of muscle liniment. I think the Luksusowa rating might be considerably upgraded if some of the reviewers weren't drinking it while writing, a number of stellar reviews only have one star.
Reviewer: Craig

A very bold flavour that you may or may not like. I hated it in a martini but thought it was the best vodka i own for a mix. It absolutely transformed a Bloody Caesar into something magical.
Reviewer: steve chelmicki

Due to serious allergies because of chronic mold problems in a previous rental residence, aged spirits or those containing significant yeast, mold, or congeners often make me feel ill after drinking, so vodka is the alcoholic spirit of choice for me when I want to indulge.. Of the 30 or 40 different vodkas I've tried regardless of expense over the years , I feel that Luksusowa is easily one of the best as far as a combination of taste and affordability go. I keep it in the freezer, and it's hard to tell that I'm drinking an alcoholic beverage when I drink it cold. It's a fav since it tastes good and there's no burn or funky aftertaste. Maybe it's just me but for some reason, recently a previous favorite, Ketel One, now tastes like a cheaper vodka. I find that Ciroc's unique grape taste, although pleasant, doesn't taste like vodka, and the often highly rated Tito's corn vodka tastes like moonshine to me with an unpleasant funky corn ethyl alcohol taste. If I have less than 20 bucks to spend for vodka, I'll take Luksusowa in a heartbeat, and for me at least the quality exceeds the quality of a lot of the higher priced vodkas as well... Props to the manufacturer.
Reviewer: C. J.

I have been a straight vodka drinker for 27 years and I have had most brands. Seventeen years ago I ran across Luksusowa and it has been my goto vodka ever since. I keep trying other vodkas but nothing beats my standard Luksusowa!
Reviewer: jeff

Very smooth. No after taste. Goes down like a fine wine.
Reviewer: Rod

I had the honor to drink Luksusowa for the first time at my friend's resort in Slupske. I usually don't like vodka because of the 'rubbing alcohol' after-taste; I was surprised and delighted at the taste of this vodka. Luksusowa is so smooth, you would almost be convinced you're drinking water (woda). Truly hard to find here in the state of Iowa, where your alcohol is grain or non-existent. I found a distributor online and anxiously awaiting my shipment. My friend in Poland, who owns the resort, serves Luksusowa to all his guests.
Reviewer: Aniol Mandeck

Smells of lemondrops and fresh linens on the nose; very, very pleasant! The first sip brings a wave of tangy, juicy notes on a *very* thick body, with a powerful yet relatively inoffensive burn. It leaves the mouth quite sticky, with a lingering sugary aftertaste. I like this a lot, but I think it's going to end up in more cocktails than shots for me. This is a very good vodka for people who don't usually like vodka!
Reviewer: Sam W.

I'm not getting anything other than ethanol from the nose and I wish I had a nose that could smell anything other than that from vodkas. As far as taste: To me this has this strange floral aftertaste. It's far from flavorless. I paid $25USD for 1.75 liter in Conn. There's far better for more or less money. It's overrated. I'd like to do a blind taste test between this and Absolut and see if people that like Absolut could determine between the two as this is very similar.
Reviewer: Mark Dupree

I'm a huge fan of mashed potatoes...and when I found Luksusowa, mash, I was in awe from sniff go. I noticed the aroma was almost nonexistent, which for me is a big plus. Then it came to the tasting....WoW! So very clean. I thought I was drinking just my freshly picked and squeezed tangerines! I have been a Chopin vodka for years but found Luksusowa to be of a much finer quality, and easier on my wallet. Spouse and I are considering buying stock in this Vodka!
Reviewer: Sandspur

Have enjoyed Vodka since often traveling to Russia on business from 1991 thru 2008....Discovered Luksusowa a couple of years ago and will put it up against any Vodka at any price....Praise the makers to keep producing this treasure!!
Reviewer: Alex Gnann

In the late 1970's I started drinking vodka and was a Stoli drinker. My dad said "daughter, try Luksusowa, a Polish potato vodka, it's better and much less expensive than Stoli." My Dad was a bartender at a high end Russian restaurant in Manhattan at one point in his life. He knew his spirits. He was correct! It's been my go-to vodka ever since. I've tried many others like Belvedere, GG, Tito's, Ketel, etc. but Luks beats them every time. Very smooth and almost creamy. Plus never gives me a hangover as grain alcohols tend to do. Bonus points for the very reasonable price!
Reviewer: Linda

For the price this is one of the best vodkas I have ever tasted, it can even compete with some of "premium" vodkas, it is quite smooth with an oily feel on the mouth and a sweet aftertaste, it is also made of potatoes which makes getting hangover significantly harder, overall it is a simply great vodka at an incredibly low price.
Reviewer: Alper

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