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Krolewska Vodka

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In my opinion this has the most pleasing nose of any Polish vodka, delicate, soft, and pure, with a lovely rye aroma.
Reviewer: Ted Torkowski

Not the smoothest, but the flavor is extraordinary. Very unique. In a category by itself. Worth a try just for the experience.
Reviewer: RN Durham

I have tried many other Ultra Premium Vodkas lately...the sweetness and then the soft bite of this one is teriffic in a Martini.
Reviewer: Paul Witkowski

Superb vodka. Hints of coffee on the nose and wonderfully smooth aftertaste. Leaves you longing for another shot! Don't drown this in a mixer! Derek, Dublin, Ireland.
Reviewer: Derek Hopper

the name says it all meaning (king). the best martini vodka hands up. best if shaken with two blue cheese olives. somewhat hard to find but if given the opportunity try it on ice only to get the full flavor experience. smooth,soft to the nose, almost like ice water with a kick.
Reviewer: adam strommer

Bright starch nose, buttered wheat and lemon peel, hint of coriander, medium crips finish. In the category of premium mixed grain vodkas, it's abit difficult to excel, and Krolewska fails abit for not trying to define itself in it's flavor. Still a decent vodka from Poland, and certainly a beautiful bottle.
Reviewer: Christropher Home Cutler

I first tasted Krolewska in Poland when I took my Mom there. Her family was from Poland and immigrated through Ellis Island. This was the first Vodka I could drink straight! Smoooooth! Excellent taste, refreshing, delightful. I smuggled a bottle home from Poland and just learned I can order it online.
Reviewer: Andrea Sobieski Escher

Best vodka I've tasted in my life, straight or mixed in your favorite drink (I have it as a dry vodka martini), I have found none other as smooth.
Reviewer: Tim

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