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A fantastic vodka, strongest and smoothest I've tried. Good for cocktails, but for a treat - try it neat.
Reviewer: Andy Hawkins

Chilled icy cold, double shots are deliciously smooth, but extremely dangerous. Recent experience with Krepkaya at Kauflueten in Zurich left this reviewer and his wing-man wondering what happened between 1:00AM and 4:00AM!
Reviewer: Tom Blaser

Bottle said "Made in the USSR", well thats over 10 years ago by my count. This vodka tastes similar to petrol, and probably enough kick as it.
Reviewer: Bubster Harbinger

I bought this vodka in order to try something a little bit stronger than the norm, after trying it after some time in the freezer, it is quite a nice tasting one with a pleasant kick as you would expect from a 56% ABV vodka. A nice choice for something different, definitely try this one straight but I'm sure it will make for a great cocktail base.
Reviewer: Andrew

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