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Jean-Marc XO

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This is the smoothest vokda hands down. It is distilled 9 times, in a process similar to a fine cognac. Absolutly perfect. Comes from a small distillery in France in small batches. My only complaint is that it is very hard to find, unless you are in New York or Cali. Can be found online. If you have a chance to get some, it is well worth the price tag.
Reviewer: Gavin

Well.. It was pretty damn smooth, but Belvedere was just as smooth. It has an interesting flavor..a cross between anise and marzipan. Good, but a little to strongly flavored to be called a straight vodka. It would be a lot more worth it if it wasn't $50 a bottle.
Reviewer: David

Simply the best vodka I have ever had. Virtually no burn going down. It's considered unflavored but it does have a bit of a marzipan finish. It's GREAT in a martini or on ice but might taste a little weird mixed. Worth every penny and I won't buy anything else.
Reviewer: David Schauss

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