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Hangar One Fraser River Raspberry

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Absolutely stunning flavors. Vibrant, focused, nuanced, delicate, pure Raspberry! Delicate - it ships in a darkened bottle to protect it from oxidation. I usually drink wine but this stuff is so immediate, so pure and in-your-face-alive that I have one of each - Regular, Mandarin Blossom, Kaffir Lime, Buddha's Hand and Fraser River Rasp berry for those times when wine just won't do. I've had other citrus/flavored vodkas (Stoli, Grey Goose, etc) but the Hangar One kicks their asses (the Grey Goose was definately good - but Hangar One includes much, much more nuance)!
Reviewer: Eric Day

I love raspberries, and all the other raspberry-flavored vodkas I have tried cannot hold a candle to Hangar One's infusion. Properly frozen, this vodka is almost syrupy. It's wonderful.
Reviewer: A. Martinez

Sadly, I couldn't choke this one down and had to toss the bottle. The raspberry component was weak and didn't add much, and the vodka base was very poor quality--smelled and tasted like rubbing alcohol. Hopefully I just got a bad batch.
Reviewer: Magyar Svensk

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